About Us

We (Larry & Kendra Kaufman) have raised a family and pastored a local church in Holmes County Ohio for over 20 years. A few years ago we launched THRIVE360 Network, Inc as a platform to serve, influence and help more people. Our mission is to empower people to thrive everyday in faith, family, fitness and finances.
We purchased Hillside Inn with a vision to help people rest, relax and escape from the stresses of life. We love the opportunity to generate resources for ministry and mission projects at Grace Church5812 Global and THRIVE360 Network. My wife and myself oversee these 3 impactful entities. 
Leona Byler is our welcoming innkeeper, she is more than capable to manage our day to day business! Our goals with Hillside Inn are to provide a first-class hospitality service that is personal, authentic and inviting. We plan to increase our occupancy to 80% throughout 2021. This increase will empower us to give more to our ministry and mission projects.
Hillside Inn is a subsidiary of THRIVE360 Network. Here we will seek to help people rest well, and serve as a ministry and profit center to advance our THRIVE360 mission. When you stay at Hillside Inn, you are supporting our mission to change the world for good and for God. Thank you! 
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